10 facts about espiritu santo


About Espiritu Santo

1-Is the 12th largest island in Mexico (83km2 / 31 sq ml)


Characteristic desert landscape with red and black volcanic cliffs and turquoise sea.

It was declared World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCOin 1995


Is also known as “The Galapagos from North America” due to the amazing biodiversity


It is home for more than 200 species of fishes and 40 of birds.


Is the only known habitat for 38 unique and endemic species of fauna and flora.


It was created 5 millions of years ago by the same tectonic forces that ripped Baja peninsula from the continent.


There is evidence of pre-Hispanic occupancy by the Pericú people, extinct in the 18th century


The legend says that the name Holy Spirit was inspired by the rock formation that looks like a face “The Mask


In 1890, the first pearl oyster farm in the world was stablished there by Gaston Vives.

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