When is the best time to swim with whale sharks?

The season goes from mid-October to end of May, is hightly regulated, a minimum of specimens required to have the permit to enter the protected whale shark feeding area, so we advice the best time is from November to Abril.


Can we touch or feed the animals?

No, in any case. We observe, never interact.


Can we bring babies on board?

Minimum age to snorkel with sea lions and whale sharks is 5 years old. Children under that age only on private tours.


I don´t know how to swim, can I join the tour?

Yes you can enjoy from the boat. But swimming and some experience snorkeling is required to swim along with them.


I am pregnant, can I join?

Due to the nature of the tour that requires physical efforts and the fact that we are not close to medical facilities we do not recommended on your first or last trimester.


Is is dangerous?

No, is very safe, and a lot of fun.


How many hours do we spend with the whale shark?

Local regulation establish that each boat is allowed only maximum 2 hours inside the whale shark protected area. The time you spend swimming depends on many factors: how many whale sharks that day, how many guests on the boat, and your own personal fitness and swimming skills. Normally every couple swims at least 3 times but it can be more or less depending on the day.


How many whale sharks we will see?

Is unpredictable, depends on nature, our captain and guide will do their best to make you get the best experience. Sometimes is better to see one slow whale shark than 5 fast ones!


Can I take my camera?

Of course. But remember our guides will be taking pictures and videos the whole trip and you will get a link to download it at not extra cost.


You say you include videos and pictures, but how many?

Our guides are very experienced and will take as much as they can, but many factors can influence the quantity and quality, one of them your own swimming skills, you must be swimming next to the whale shark, the guide will help you if necessary. Sometimes whale sharks are very fast, sometimes very slow and then they can take more videos and pictures, sometimes the water is very clear, sometimes is full with nutrients and plankton and pictures will be blurry.


I am a senior, can I join and enjoy?

Yes of course, we don’t have age limit, as long as you are fit enough to swim and climb the ladder back to the boat, is like climbing 3 steps on a regular ladder against a wall.


I am on the heavy sight, can I join?

Yes, as long as you don’t overpass 120 kilos / 260 lbs and you are fit to swim and climb the ladder. If you overpass this limits we can recommend you another company /boat with a different kind of ladder easier to climb back to the boat.


VIP tours is a bit more expensive than other companies, why?

Because we assure you on the shared tours to keep the group reduced to maximum 6 guests. We use first quality snorkel equipment, wetsuits, we provide excellent quality food, first class guides and is all included, even pictures and videos. No extra costs or rentals, fees or insurances.


I normally get seasick, what can I do?

Have a light breakfast and take a dramamine pill at least 2 hours before your tour. Check with us the weather conditions on that day. Avoid visiting in January and February the more windy months


My wife won’t be swimming, she has to pay the same price?

Since we take a very limited number of guests, everybody pay the same fee.


Is there a discounted price for children?

Same price from 5 years old. Under that age contact us. We dont take infants on shared groups, only private.


What is the cancelation policy?

– In case of cancelation due to the weather or insufficient registrations, and if is not possible to reschedule, due to yours or our availability the deposit will be returned 100%

– In case of cancelation by the client 15 days before the tour, the deposit will be returned 100%

– In case of cancelation by the client 14 to 8 days before the tour, the 50% of the deposit will be returned

– In case of cancelation by the client on the 7 days prior the tour, the cancelation costs are 100% of the deposit


Does the boat have toilet?

Only our 27ft boat has toilet, the 22ft boat does not. We use first one for larger or longer tours, for the 3 hour whale shark tour we regularly use the 22ft boat.


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